Steel constructions

We produce, assemble and install all types of steel structures. We offer complete solutions or making at the individual stages.

– Steel constructions

– Industrial Canopies

– Car canopy

– Stairways and staircase landing

– Facade substructure

– Railing

– Other metal elements

Industrial facilities are not build any more in a classical way. In comparison with the classical construction, the prefabricated steel structures and storage halls are faster and it is also easier to adapt to new needs. Steel structures are much lighter than concrete ones, therefore the preparation of the ground and foundations is simpler and faster. The steel structures provided for the construction are processed here with us, and after assembling at the site they are ready as soon as mounted. This allows for the immediate continuation of construction – Fixing a façade and roof elements. Facade panels shorten the construction time, they provide good thermal and sound insulation and provide an aesthetic appearance of the building.

Advantages of the steel construction:

– fast and economical implementation

– insulation where necessary

– long life span

– flexibility in upgrading

– architects and designers have free hands in their work

– larger scopes easiliy handeled

– simple maintenance

– recycling and environmentally friendly material

Steel – construction materials

Steel is always in fashion. Due to its multiple use we have been using it for centuries and beacuse of its exceptional technical features it is now increasingly sought after and prized material. The steel as a building material has properties that enable optimal solutions in the field of aesthetics, and it is also impeccable from economic, environmental, technical and safety aspect. It is known as a material that has rich expressive possibilities and important technical properties, such as tensile strength, coping with large spans, quick and accurate construction, flexibility and easy maintenance. Steel for allows successful combination with other materials, particularly glass, which adds particular aesthetic value to the office buildings.


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