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The General Terms and Conditions of Online Cataloging determine the higher demand for products that are performed by Hidus, Ltd., Gorišnica 3, 2272 Gorišnica (hereinafter referred to as the provider).
The General Terms and Conditions of the website are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) in the international codes for e-commerce.
The online catalog of operates 24 hours a day, all days of the week. Use of the online catalog is free of charge. You can choose the buyer in your product demand. With the final check, the buyer submits a demand. Inquiries are answered in e-mail responses or by telephone.

Pictures of products

The pictures of the products are so symbolic. The actual product can distinguish between product images on color (color, numeric… deviation).

Text with articles

Texts on products, both informative in nature, by manufacturers. You can contact the product manufacturer directly or directly for more detailed descriptions in the information.

Company info:

HIDUS d.o.o.
Gorišnica 3a,
2272 Gorišnica

Production / Management:

HIDUS d.o.o.
Formin 39F,
2272 Gorišnica


Dismissal of liability

Saving the contract (demand)
Each completed order is archived at the address Hidus d.o.o., Gorišnica 3, 2272 Gorišnica. Orders in copies of invoices are archived at the corporate headquarters. The buyer can get a copy of the request by e-mail:


The online catalog (hereinafter referred to as the “online catalog”) is managed by the company Hidus d.o., Gorišnica 3, 2272 Gorišnica, which is also an e-commerce service provider (hereinafter referred to as the provider or company or controller of personal data).

The owner (collecting data) of the online catalog is:
Hidus d.o.o.
Gorišnica 3
Tel: 00386 (0) 41 650 730

Email: or

Manage the quote so you can submit your personal information for use, thereby explicitly turning on it. Participation in the provision of personal information is voluntary, and you can switch consent at any time in the same manner as you have provided. If you wish, you do not provide personal information or. if you switch unanimously, manage your personal information and no longer fulfill the purpose, as you must collect it. This privacy statement applies to the online catalog


By using the online catalog, the user uses the information about the way he uses the information he describes in the personal data collection.

Collection of personal information

With the demand in the online catalog, the user brings to Hidus d.o.o. as the controller, collects the personal data of all information transmitted by users in the data on the content of purchases that it collects in processing under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”).

The Provider is obliged to protect your personal information in other information collected by the public, in accordance with GDRP, to go ahead with the disclosure and disclosure to third parties (in addition to external contractors containing information to be published by Hidus doo ), and used them solely for the purpose of meeting people, billing for human ad salvage and other necessary communications.

The provider is also committed to permanently protecting all personal data users.

The online catalog can also automatically collect machine data from your computer’s software. This information includes: IP address, browser type, domain names, access time to the websites you have visited in our online stores. The provider uses this information solely to calculate general statistics on the use of web pages in optimization.

Use of personal information

The provider collects information for the purpose of properly executing the online catalog, and requests its services.

Personal information Hidus d.o.o. you must use the smooth execution of services (inquiry in the online catalog, which you use individually communicating with the site via e-mail to / or a given telephone number (SMS / MMS / Viber messages, phone calls, etc.) and for fulfillment purposes orders (sending information materials, bidding, invoices, order delivery).

We keep customer data on the server for 2 yearsIf the last eligible demand. We then anonymize the information that the customer visited on demand.

Near the “invasion” of the base or. into the computer system bears no responsibility for the consequences. In any case, Hidus d.o.o. implementation of all necessary in the legally prescribed whole.

Deletion of personal data

The Provider is obliged to permanently protect and collect in the processing of all personal data of users in accordance with certain applicable legislation based on the protection of personal data.

The provider will only keep the personal data of the users for as long as was necessary to comply with the applicable legislative procedure.


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