Lifting tables

The company designs, manufactures, installs and maintains lift tables. Load capacity, size, height of lifting and speed is adjusted to the customer.

Hydraulic lifting tables are indispensable tools for lifting of loads, overcoming differences in height, actuation of machines, loading, complementing technological lines, etc. They are also used in theaters as lifting and submersible platforms, as platforms for disabled persons in individual homes and hospitals, as “cargo platforms” in airport traffic or as an assembly platform for road and rail transport.

The lifting tables can be upgraded: with driven or non-driven roller conveyors, fixed or removable guardrail, the turntable, the plate with ball transfer unit, the feeding device and others.

The lifting table is made of upper and lower frame (working platform), scissor lifting mechanism, hydraulic power unit and electric equipment. The necessary lifting force is given by two parallel mounted hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic power unit and main electric panel may be arranged under or along the lift table. The scissor mechanism can have one, two or more stages. The number of levels depends on the size of the table and the desired lifting height.

A safety frame is mounted under the edge of the platform which stops lowering the lifting table, if there is an obstacle underneath, such as an arm or a leg. The lifting table is protected with a security (overload) valve adjusted to the rated capacity. Directly on the hydraulic cylinders are installed reverse blocking valves (the valve of the pipe angle) to stop the lowering or lifting the table in the event of damage to the pipeline.

HIDUS lifting tables are distinguished by ease of use and high reliability. The built-in quality installation parts with their high quality guarantee a long lasting smooth operation. The lifetime of lift tables is approx. 25 years. We guarantee a 24 month warranty on all components.

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