Car canopies

To protect your car, we produce canopies for cars. Together with your wishes and our proposals we come to a comprehensive solutions. On request it is possible to design and deliver a car canopy of any shape and size.

Car canopies are a simple solution when you want to cover the area in front of the house or the garage. The metal structure is painted or galvanized. We also take care to choose the right color tone of metal structures so that the canopy does not stand out. The choice of colors is really great, because there is always one that is well consistent with the facade of the house, window frames, balcony railing, etc. We recommend the choice of white and gray shades, as they bounce off the heat rays of the sun, which heat metal structure.

The roofing may be made of a steel panel (trapezoidal, imitation of tile etc.), multilayer polycarbonate Lexan panel, tempered glass or of your choice.

The car canopy can be combined with an existing garage and a mounting metal garage can become a part of the house, but it can also be stand-alone.


– Individual solutions

– Top Design

– Massive metal structure

– Quality of performance

– Durability


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