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About our company

HIDUS Company Ltd. is a family owned company whose origins date back to the year 1992. Company founder Davorin Šterbal has founded the company after the dissolution of the Hiko Olga Meglič Ptuj Company, where he gained a number of work experiences in the field of hydraulics. Initially, the production took place in the home workshop of 90 m2, but as the company steadily grew, it moved in year 2000 to the new administrative, production and storage facilities in the industrial zone in the village Formin, consisted of 800 m2.

Our company is specialized in manufacturing, installation and servicing of hydraulic equipment (hydraulic lift tables, hydraulic lifts, hydraulic folding ramps). Over the last few years, in addition to the said hydraulic program the company manufactures and installs the steel constructions. Together with our personalized approach, tailored to your needs and desires, and our ideas and proposals for the construction of production facilities, storage halls, canopies, etc., we come to integrated solutions and project implementation.

In 2008 the company expanded its business premises and has built an additional storage hall of 1000 m2. Thus, the company currently operates on 1800 m2.

From the time of pre-foundation until now we have gained enough experience and knowledge meaning that we can offer quality products and services, which meet the requirements of domestic and foreign standards. The business policy strives for competitiveness of products and services, which is achieved through constant investment in the latest technology and education of employees. Only in this way we can guarantee the quality of production and assembly.

In our company we ensure a clean environment, as waste generated in the production is destined for recycling. Part of the company’s revenue is devoted to charity and sponsorship.

Company: HIDUS  d.o.o.
Adress: Gorišnica 3a, 2272 Gorišnica, Slovenija
Telefon: +386 (0)2 743 50 33
Fax: +386 (0)2 743 50 34
Gsm:   +386 (0)41 650 730
E-mail:  hidus@siol.net
WWW:   www.hidus.eu
ID:  28163656
Bank: SI56 04202-000548860 ( Nova KBM)


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