Freight elevators

We produce, design, install and maintain freight elevators. Load capacity, size, height of lifting and speed is adjusted to the customer. Our years of experience enable us to find the best affordable and functional solution in the case of installation in difficult spatial conditions.

Freight elevators are designed to carry goods between two or more storeys. This mode of transport is suitable in production plants and warehouses. The freight elevator is installed in the driving shaft, which can be built of stone or coated with a thin sheet. The cabin is constructed from a steel frame and coated with sheet steel. The guides are made of steel profiles, hard-bound with clips and guided over the entire height of the elevator shaft. Shaft door, single or double wing, inbuilt in the wall of the shaft or in the portal of steel structure. Power unit is located anywhere along the elevator shaft. The unit contains a manual valve which allows for a forced lowering of the lift in the event of blackout. Reverse blocking valves also called valves of pipe breakage and are mounted directly to the hydraulic cylinders. This valve blocks the leakage at an increased flow of hydraulic medium and thus prevents an uncontrolled descent of the lift. Freight elevator is inspected by authorized organizations and has obtained all necessary approvals.

Freight elevators are usually completely individual solutions therefore we recommend to start planning it at the earliest possible stage of construction of the building.

HIDUS freight elevators are distinguished by ease of use and high reliability. The built-in quality installation parts with their high quality guarantee a long lasting smooth operation. The lifetime of the freight elevators is approx. 25 years. We guarantee a 24 month warranty on all components.

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