Folding tables

The company designs, manufactures, installs and maintains hydraulic folding tables. Load capacity, size, height of lifting and speed is adjusted to the customer.

Hydraulic folding table is intended for easier and especially faster loading and unloading of freight vehicles in warehpuses, which are arranged according to the principles of modern logistics, as well as the manipulation on other loading ramps.

Hydraulic folding table allows a smooth transport of palletized cargo from the warehouse to the transport vehicle and vice versa, with all means of transport (forklifts, carts etc). The time of transhipment is thus significantly reduced. The folding table may be installed in a storage facility alone or in combination with expedite tunnel and doors.

It consists of a frame with folding platform and a pier which moves back and forth. All movements of the ramp are electro-hydraulic. Hydraulic folding ramp is designed so that it can also be formed within the devices which according to the technological requirements operate depending on each other, such as roll-up door and sealing curtain over the control. The hydraulic folding ramp fits all standard types of transport vehicles.

HIDUS folding tables are distinguished by ease of use and high reliability. The built-in quality installation parts with their high quality guarantee a long lasting smooth operation. The lifetime of foldable tables is approx. 25 years. We guarantee a 24 month warranty on all components.

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Our company specializes in production,
assembly and servicing hydraulic
equipment (hydraulic lifting tables,
hydraulic lifts, hydraulic folding ramps).


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